Worship Services

Embrace a transformative worship experience at Frankfort & Elberta United Methodist Churches. Situated in the heart of our vibrant community, our doors are open to all, offering an inclusive space where everyone is valued on their unique spiritual journey.

Our worship services harmoniously blend cherished traditions with contemporary elements, fostering a place for contemplation, inspiration, and personal growth. Whether seeking solace, fellowship, or a deeper spiritual connection, our diverse congregation and committed clergy warmly welcome you. Share in the uplifting music, profound teachings, and genuine fellowship that define our worship gatherings. Let's embark on a journey of faith, hope, and love together. Join us this Sunday as we start this spiritual journey at Frankfort & Elberta United Methodist Churches.

Service hours and locations:
Elbert UMC Worship begins at 9:00 a.m.
Frankfort UMC Worship starts at 10:30 a.m.
To watch recorded services visit our Messages page.

Fellowship & Ministry Opportunities

Sunday, February 25
Special giving opportunity-Church World Service Blanket Sunday***
10:30 a.m., Worship

4-week Lenten Study
February 19th, 26th, March 4th, & 11th at 1:00 p.m. at Frankfort UMC
Wouldn't it be great if we could hear god's voice-an actual, audible voice from God telling us what we are to do, who we are to be, and what we are to say?
By the end of this study, it is the hope that you will be better at hearing God's voice and discovering the amazing purpose and passion that God is summoning for you. You will learn to minimize the barriers that prevent you from listening to God and recalibrate your spiritual life to be more in tune with who God is and how God is calling us.
If you can't make the study, please take a book anyway. Pastor Penny will be doing a sermon series on the book as well.
A $10 donation is welcomed for the book, but it is not required.

Frankfort February Mission of the Month-Frankfort High School Food Pantry

Donations to the February Mission of the Month will support the Frankfort High School Food Pantry and the Benzie Central High School Food Pantry. Thanks so much for your generosity!

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