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Pastor's Note
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A Note From the Pastor
Rev. Barbara Fay

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The Frankfort UMC has made awesome strides in updating and improving its facility/space. However, it truly needed help in developing and reaching out to fulfill its agreed upon mission statement of the last seven years, "Connecting people with the love and life of Jesus Christ."

In the late winter of 2017 and early 2018, I reached out to our conference for assistance. I began by consulting one of our Michigan Area Conference staff, Gary Step, Michigan Area Director of Congregational Excellence and New Church Development. He led us to work with a ministry out of the Minnesota Conference created by Rev. Cathy Townley. She is committed to helping pastors and churches create worship services that welcome people to church who are not currently connected anywhere. The church hired Cathy's services (and joined the conference program, "Multiply") and began to work with Cathy and Gary on an official basis in April 2018. Then an interested group of people at the Frankfort UMC began to gather together to explore how it could reach more people for Jesus Christ through creating a new worship service.

On June 1, 2018, the Frankfort UMC Multiply Team had the great opportunity to spend time with Consultant Cathy Townley. Cathy Townley visited the church and community. The purpose of her visit was to take a road trip of the community (bits and pieces of Benzie County) and share with the Multiply Team and Church Council members her "first-hand, fresh-eye" observations of what she saw as the group drove and also her first impressions of the church. We actually drove through some areas and neighborhoods of Benzie County that some in the group had not explored before. That, in itself, was a reminder of how much we need to "get out of our comfort zone" of our own neighborhoods and church.

Cathy helped me to continue to pray about who is NOT here yet? Where do they work and live? What are their needs and how can we reach them for Jesus? As the Multiply Team digs deeper into who will be our target we must discern what will help the new folks feel welcome at the new worship service, so they can see and hear the relevance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for their lives.
We continue to move forward and will keep you all informed as we gain a clearer understanding where God is leading!

Pastor Barb