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Pastor's Note
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A Note From the Pastor
Rev. Barbara Fay

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The season of Lent is a period of 40 days of penitence and preparation for Easter. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends at sunset Easter Eve. Within Lent is Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday and progresses through Holy or Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It culminates with the Easter Sunday resurrection and celebration. Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is the most important day of the Christian year. Contemplate the following as you take your walk through the season of Lent.

Lent is a time to take the time to let the power of our faith story take hold of us, a time to let the events get up and walk around in us, a time to intensify our living unto Christ, a time to hover over the thoughts of our hearts, a time to place our feet in the streets of Jerusalem or to walk along the sea and listen to his word, a time to touch his robe and feel the healing surge through us, a time to ponder and a time to wonder. . . Lent is a time to allow a fresh new taste of God!

The Walk
Those of us who walk along this road do so reluctantly. Lent is not our favorite time of year. We'd rather be more active—planning and scurrying around. All this is too contemplative to suit us. Besides we don't know what to do with piousness and prayer. Perhaps we're afraid to have time to think, for thoughts come unbidden. Perhaps we're afraid to face our future knowing our past. Give us the courage, O God, to hear your word and to read our living into it. Give us the trust to know we're forgiven, and give us the faith to take up our lives and walk.