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Missions of the Month—July
90% will go to the Community Spirit Food Source Backpack Program
10% will support the programs of the Ferris State University Wesley House Campus Ministry

Missions of the Month—August
45% will support the programs of Benzie Senior Resources
45% will go toward the Blessings in a Backpack Program
10% will support the programs of the Ferris State University Wesley House Campus Ministry

Recent Mission Receipts
Spirit Journey—$332.42
Golden Cross Sunday—$54.00

FUMC Good Samaritan Fund Sunday— Special Giving Opportunity July 29
In the months with five Sundays, the fifth Sunday of the month has been set aside as "Good Samaritan Fund Sunday." Gifts to this fund assist friends and neighbors in need from our local communities.

Rural Life Sunday—Special Giving Opportunity August 19
Rural Life Sunday calls us to celebrate the rural heritage of The United Methodist Church, to affirm worldwide the people and communities who work with and on the land by raising food and fiber, and to recognize the ongoing crisis occurring in the rural areas of the nation and world today.

Here are some facts from BACN:
Who is my neighbor? BACN serves people with limited resources in Benzie and Northern Manistee Counties. Priority groups with needs include CHILDREN—47% of BACN Neighbors are children, the largest age group in need of help. One child among five lives in poverty in the Benzie County general population; SENIORS—about 10% of BACN Neighbors are aged 65 or over, and one out of 12 seniors is at risk of hunger in the local region general population; ALICE Families (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed)— ALICE makes up 1/3 of the general population in Benzie County and of the 6,000 people, 1,300 are children. At BACN, 38% of Neighbors are ALICE; MIGRANT Families—1,400 to 2,000 individuals migrate to Benzie and Manistee Counties per year. 45% are children, and one out of four live in poverty; HOMELESS Persons—Among BACN Neighbors, 733 report they are homeless or living with someone temporarily.

How does BACN help?
Five programs are available: Food, clothing, financial assistance, adult education, and social support; 18 monitored services, plus ancillary services that provide social, emergency, and language support. BACN helps 21 people in need for each hour of operation, 33 people shop at the food pantry per day, and 6,607 visits per year by neighbors who needed food were recorded in 2017.

How is BACN able to provide services?
Benzie Area Christian Neighbors has six staff members— four fulltime and two part-time. Volunteers work 14,900 hours at BACN each year. A minimum of 13 to 15 volunteers are needed per day, and 290 volunteers make up the total volunteer workforce. Over 30 community partners and six network alliances contribute to BACN's service capacity.

Thank for your generosity!
Carole Lee, Outreach Coordinator

Fred Fay (Adopt-A-Hwy), Nonie Rasmussen (Giving Tree Program), Amy Jones (Benzie Senior Resources), Dan Hook (Habitat for Humanity), and Bob Boehm (BACN).